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Welcome aboard 👋

Congrats again on choosing Ignition! 🎉 We're excited to help you streamline your client onboarding, automate your payment collection
and eliminate accounts receivable.


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Catch up on our Getting Started webinar, at a time that is perfect for you.

Ignition Certification Programme

On Demand
Free, self-paced certification course (renewable yearly)

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What is covered in the course? 

The course covers full scope training to get you familiar and confident with using Ignition. 

By the end of this course, you will have full confidence in your ability to navigate the platform, send proposals, and manage your client billing effectively. You will also learn about our native integrations with other app partners. 

Is there a time limit to completing the course? 

No. This course is designed to be taken at your own pace. You'll be able to track your progress meaning and can come and go as you please. 

What does being certified mean? 

Being certified means that you have completed the official Ignition Certification Programme - signifying that you are an Ignition expert and can teach others. 

Upon completion, you will receive a certification as well as a badge you can use in email signatures and social media channels. 

What's included
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Learn how to utilise the platform
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Up to 4 hours of verifiable Continous Professional Development in Australia
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A certification as well as a badge for email signatures and social media channels
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Next Steps

We're really excited to be launching Part 2 in our webinar series called 'How to Grow your Business with Ignition'. During this session, we'll be focusing on 4 key themes in the app, including; how to increase your practice efficiency, how to personalise your client experience, how to manage your client relationships and how to gain visibility & control over your billing & payment collections.

Practice Ignition is fantastic user friendly software and its support is fantastic whenever we have a question it's addressed quickly allowing us to get the full potential from the software."
Elise Bygrave
Alt Tax & Accounting

Setting up your account

The best place to get started setting up your account is the Discover Page. You can also watch these videos to learn best practices.

Discover Page

Setup your account via the Discover Page in your Practice Ignition account.

General Settings

Learn our recommended settings when you are setting up your Practice Ignition account for the first time.

Apps Settings

Our recommended best practices for your general ledger (Xero or QBO) when you connect to Practice Ignition.

Library: Services

Learn the quickest way to get started with our Example Services! Alternatively, you can also import your own services and bring them into your Practice Ignition account.

Library: Terms & Notifications

How to use and edit our provided Industry Standard Engagement Terms or upload your own engagement letter and we can format it for you.

Discover how to customize your notification templates to provide a more consistent experience for your client.

Contact Support

If you need any more help, setting up your account please get in touch with our team.

Creating a Proposal

Check out this article collection that covers all you need to know to set up a proposal. Or you can follow the below video series. 


An introduction to creating a proposal in the New Proposal Editor. Start here to prepare and follow along with the video series.

General Step

Choose a client, select the start date and select the minimum contract period for your proposal.

Services Step

The most important step; how to add services to your proposal and manage how they'll all be billed. Learn how to utilize our flexible billing rules to build out a robust proposal.

Payments, Terms and Automation Step

Learn how to adjust the payment settings and select specific terms templates for the proposal.

Note: If you are using our new XPM Workflow integration, please click here for more information

Presentation Step

Control the proposal presentation, preview the proposal as your client would see it and even add a personalised video before you send it out.

Send Step
Send the proposal straight from the editing experience, or save your new proposal as a draft to work on later.

Find the answers you're looking for at our support desk