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How to build and future-proof your practice

With costs of business rising and prevailing economic uncertainty, now is the time to take steps to shore up your accounting or bookkeeping practice for the future. Here’s how.

Grow and strengthen your business through a downturn

We’ve entered an age of uncertainty with businesses navigating a post-pandemic global economy characterized by rising costs and slower growth. Inflation is having a major impact on business costs. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) has grown by 7.5% in the United States and 7.6% in Canada

With both countries experiencing turbulent economic times, North American business owners are looking to their accountant or bookkeeper to help them through these challenging times. Forward-thinking practices are well positioned to seize this opportunity to strengthen these client relationships.

This ebook provides a guide to growing your firm through a downturn. We’ve focused on four key areas: pricing, efficiency, scalability, and client retention. This step-by-step guide provides simple and practical ways to future-proof and strengthen your accounting or bookkeeping practice against rising costs, so you can emerge stronger than ever.


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