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Discover life with Ignition this tax season.

No more time-consuming client engagements, chasing late payments, and dealing with scope creep. Use Ignition to reclaim your time, profitability, and cash flow with automated proposals, billing, payment collection, and workflows. Book a demo now to experience the difference.

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See how Ignition has transformed over 7,000 accounting & professional services firms

Join highly acclaimed accounting and tax professionals Dawn Brolin, Carla Caldwell, and Sean Duncan. More efficient. More profitable. And with more time in your day.

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Dawn Brolin

"I no longer have to worry about manually billing or having these awkward conversations when someone hasn’t paid on time. With Ignition, I set it and I forget it. My engagements are automated. Payment details are collected upfront. It’s changed the way I handle my business.” 


CPA, CFE, CEO of The Designated Motivator & Powerful Accounting

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Carla Caldwell

"I have been using Ignition forever. So, it has really streamlined how we engage with our customers, helping them to understand the services that we’re providing; collect payment right upfront, eliminating all receivables for our firm."


Founder of Caldwell Consulting & Training

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Sean Duncan

"Before Ignition, I have over $100,000 of AR every single month. After Ignition, 12 months later, zero. We collect upfront. It’s all done, it’s automated billing. I’m not chasing credit cards. If there is a credit card that changes my office manager knows immediately, so we can get that fixed."


Founder of SMD Consulting & Accounting

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Unlock your firm’s peak potential

Improve efficiency, optimize revenue and deliver seamless client experiences in your accounting or tax business. With Ignition, it’s easy to engage clients, bill and get paid for your services – all in one place.

Stop working for free. Engage clients with a clear scope of work, fees and payment terms with effortless proposals and engagement letters. When the scope changes, simply adjust your services or instantly bill for additional work. 
Stop chasing late payments. Ignition collects payment details upfront in proposals and automates payment collection once clients sign. When you connect QuickBooks Online or Xero, we’ll also automate invoicing and reconciliation.
Stop wasting precious time on admin. Engage clients in minutes with online proposals that are easy to prepare and sign. Automated workflows swing into action from the moment clients sign to take care of invoicing and payment collection.

Spark greater efficiency and profitability

See real results with Ignition in 2024 and beyond. Start your free 14-day trial today and make this your best tax season yet.