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The Proposal Options Feature Will Make Me Stay With Practice Ignition Forever!!!

Wendy Barlin, About Profit

Join Wendy and take your sales process to the next level. Give clients more choice and win additional business this tax season with Proposal Options.

Client engagement… reimagined!


Experience the freedom to tailor proposals to suit every client!

Meet your client’s needs every time
Tailor proposals to suit every client with endless billing combinations, pricing and service options to help build long-lasting relationships.
Take your sales process to the next level
Present up to three proposal options to give clients more choice and win over new business.
Grow your client revenue
Present up to three proposal options to upsell services whenever you renew a client engagement.
Stay in control of billing and never forget to collect
Create any combination of recurring or one-time billing rules for different services in a single proposal and decide when to start billing clients. 

Say hello to a more flexible proposal experience.

Compare Proposal Options


Endless billing combinations with flexible Billing Rules
Take greater control and enjoy more flexible billing options, including annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, hourly, even variable unit-based billing for volume-based services.
Give clients more choice with Proposal Options
Streamline your sales process and upsell services by allowing your clients to choose from up to three proposal options. Clients select their preferred pricing option, enter their payment details, and sign – all in one place!
Simplify your proposals with Projects
Easily group your services as projects, such as advisory, compliance or bookkeeping making it easy to understand your proposal.
Peace of mind with Auto-Save
Automatically save proposal changes so you never lose your hard work.
Greater confidence with live Proposal Preview
Preview your proposal in real-time before you send it to the client to make sure it always hits the mark and is on-brand.
I’m so stoked about this Proposal Options! - you’ve eliminated about 30-40 min or more per proposal.
Scott Scarano Padgett Business Services

Make your job easier, request a demo now.

We’d love to show you how you can reduce the time spent creating proposals, sending invoices, chasing signatures and payments, etc.