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Refer a friend with your unique link and you'll both get 50% off for 3 months when they become a customer.*

Here's how it works

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Share your link

Copy your unique link above and send it to a peer or client that will benefit from using Practice Ignition.

They sign up for Practice Ignition

If they sign up via your unique link, they'll qualify for the discount. Happy days!

Savings for you, and them

Once your referral has been verified, you'll both get 50% off for 3 months applied to your account. It's a win-win!


How does the offer work?
Your unique referral link leads to an offer page where your referrals have the opportunity to purchase Practice Ignition. After we confirm the sale, you are eligible for 50% off your plan for 3 months. Referral rewards are for new paid subscriptions only. Signing up for a free trial does not qualify for a referral reward. There is no limit to how many referrals you may make, but you can only earn up 50% off for 6 months in any one year.

What’s in it for me?
Savings! 50% off Practice Ignition for 3 months. 
You will also be able to gift your referral 50% off professional or scale monthly plans for 3 months! If you are currently on an annual subscription, the equivalent amount will be credited to your Practice Ignition account and carried forward against next annual plan invoice.

How does my referral link work?
You can share your referral link anywhere at any time. We use cookies to track your referrals, so when you create and share a custom link it will track your referral activity, regardless of the link destination. The cookies last for 90 days after someone clicks on your link. If they click again, the 90 days restarts!

Where should I share my referral link?
Talk to fellow accountants or bookkeepers, share videos, write blog posts, share on social media, link it on your website, or add it to your email signature. Whatever you choose to do to get the word out!

Who is eligible to sign up via my unique referral link for me to get rewarded?
Any professional service firm (ideally accounting or bookkeeping professional) that is new to Practice Ignition and purchases a subscription is eligible for the referral offer. Each referral will be qualified via a Practice Ignition rep.

What’s PartnerStack and do I need to sign up for it?
PartnerStack is the platform we use to host our referral program, resources, and monthly challenges. To use the platform to keep track of all your referrals, rewards and performance, you need to sign up for a PartnerStack account. You may receive an email to “verify your partnership with Practice Ignition”.

How can I keep track of my referrals and rewards?
Our referral program is hosted via PartnerStack which makes it easy to keep track of all of your referrals, rewards and performance. It's also where we will host our referrals resources and monthly challenges.

How and when do I get my discount?
Your subscription will automatically be discounted on the 16th of the month after your referral becomes a paying customer.