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Tales from the trenches

The good, the bad, and the funny of tax season


Join us to discover the best, worst, and funniest stories from this tax season. Learn how our expert panelists navigated challenges and managed unexpected issues, like when a client attempted to write off a $12K pool expense for client meetings, or landscaping costs as a home office expense. Hear firsthand how they kept their composure and handled these surprising scenarios.


These stories will not only entertain and inspire you but also provide valuable lessons and cautionary tales to prepare you for the next tax season. Register to join us to find out the biggest takeaways and what our panelists learned from their experiences.


Meet Your Storytellers | Key Learnings 

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Why join?

  • Enjoy a Lighthearted Session: Break from the usual dry tax discussions with a fun and lively session that promises to lighten your day and bring a smile.
  • Gain Practical Insights: Equip yourself with actionable strategies and tips directly from tax professionals to enhance your tax planning and problem-solving skills.
  • Explore Unique Scenarios: Delve into real-life cases and learn how our expert panelists tackled these situations.

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Meet your storytellers


Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE

CEO, Powerful Accounting

Sean Duncan

Sean Duncan, CPA

President & founder, SMD Consulting & Accounting

Enae Jackson-Atkins

Enae Jackson-Atkins

Founder, Esquire Accounting

Tales from the trenches: The good, the bad, and the funny of tax season