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Win clients. Get paid. Every time.

Streamline client engagements & easily stay compliant

IPA Engagement letter available in Ignition

Ignition and The Successful Bookkeeper have partnered to help members easily stay compliant in their client engagements.

Members of The Successful Bookkeeping Community can take advantage of 50% off Ignition for 3 months and see how how Ignition helps you win clients and get paid, every time. 

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Get up and running fast with ready-made proposal templates

Get impressive digital proposals out the door fast with ready-made bookkeeping proposal templates from that include recommended services, pricing and billing - or create your own custom templates.


Easily stay compliant in client engagements

With Ignition's comprehensive template library, The Successful Bookkeeper community members can create and send beautiful engagement letters in minutes.

If there are changes to your engagement, you can easily update your engagement letter and achieve digital sign-off from clients in minutes.


Upsell services to grow revenue

Take your sales process to the next level by offering clients the option to choose from up to three proposals. From basic to premium service packages, make it easy to guide clients to select the recommended option that best suits their needs.


Reduce admin time with world-class integrations

Once your client accepts an Ignition proposal, invoices are automatically created and marked as paid when payments are processed, automating your accounts receivable!

We've gone from spending three months on admin (billing clients and creating engagement letters) to about two days. That's a 97% reduction. It's incredible to think of how much time we wasted simply because we didn't know a better alternative method existed.
Jeffrey Davidson Jeffrey Davidson & Associates

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